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(Easter + On the Birth of My Mission - books 2+4)

The item is sold out and cannot be purchased for the moment. In the book "Easter" Martinus gives a moving portrait of what actually happened during Christ’s resurrection and crucifixion and in the book "On the Birth og My Mission" Martinus presents himself and
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World redeemers in the East and West; the mission of Christ; the adoption of Christ’s behaviour as the only “redemption” for mankind; the analysis of Christ’s passion, crucifixion and resurrection.

On the Birth of My Mission:
Here Martinus presents himself and gives us an account of the circumstances that led to the decisive spiritual experiences or cosmic initiation that altered his life completely. From then on Martinus had his faculty of intuition under complete day-conscious control. He was able to describe the eternal world picture. All the analyses contained within this world picture show that life’s highest mathematical conclusion can be expressed in the sentence: “Everything is very good”.

Title: Пасха + О рождении моей духовной миссии - маленькая книга №№ 2, 4
Original Danish title: Påske + Omkring min missions fødsel - småbog 2+4
English title: Easter + On the Birth of My Mission - books 2+4
Title for Martinus' Collected Works: The Third Testament
Language: Russian
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