The Eternal World Picture, vol. 1

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Comprises symbols 1-16 with detailed explanations designed to make it easy for the reader to acquire an overview of the cosmic structure of the universe or life
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Comprises symbols 1-16 with explanations:

  1. The Spirit of God upon the Face of the Waters
  2. The Principle of World Redemption
  3. Intolerance
  4. The Road towards Light
  5. Cosmic Unconsciousness
  6. The Living Being - 1
  7. The Principle of Life Units
  8. The Divine Something, X1
  9. The Living Being’s Creative Power, X2
10. Creation, X3
11. The Eternal World Picture, the Living Being - 2, The Eternal Godhead
      and the Eternal Sons of God.
12. The Combination of the Basic Energies
13. The Eternal World Plan
14. The Cosmic Spiral Cycle - 1
15. The Law of Movement
16. The Eternal Body

Title: The Eternal World Picture, vol. 1
Original Danish title: Det Evige Verdensbillede, bog 1
Title for Martinus' Collected Works: The Third Testament
Language: English
ISBN: 978-87-575-0788-1
Pages: 146