La eterna mondbildo, libro 3-4

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(The Eternal World Picture, vol. 3-4)

Comprises symbols 17-44 with detailed explanations designed to make it easy for the reader to acquire an overview of the cosmic structure of the universe or life
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Comprises symbols 27-44 with explanations:

27. The Cosmic Radiance of the Earth
28. Eternal Life or the Ladder of Life
29. Cosmic Paths of Evolution
30. The Eternal Godhead and the Sensory Abilities of Living Beings
31. The Sensory Faculty of the Living Being and the Steps in Evolution
32. The Twelve Basic Answers or the Solution to the Mystery of Life
33. Animal and Human Thought Climates
33A. Index of symbol no. 33
34. The Act of Copulation or God’s Spirit in the Darkness
35. The Cosmic Cycle of the Pole Principle
36. The Structure of Eternal Life
37. The Veiled and Unvelied Eternal Truth
38. The Human Being, and Animal and Vegetable Food
39. The Categories of Consciousness of Terrestrial Mankind
40. The Sign of the Cross
41. The Star Symbol
42. The Structure of the Flag
43. Symbol of Livets Bog (The Book of Life) at its present stage, 1933
44. The Law of Existence - Love One Another!

Title: La eterna mondbildo, libro 3-4
Original Danish title: Det Evige Verdensbillede, bog 3 + Det Evige Verdensbillede, bog 4
English title: The Eternal World Picture, vol. 3-4
Title for Martinus' Collected Works: The Third Testament
Language: Esperanto
ISBN: 87-575-0128-9
Pages: 215